Corporate Social Responsibility

Today more than ever, a commercial organisation—particularly one dedicated to health and well-being—cannot concentrate solely on its bottom line. Astellas understands the importance of earning the trust of society, and the Astellas Global Corporate Social Responsibility Report, published annually, reflects the importance of corporate social responsibility in the company's thoughts and actions.

The Astellas European Foundation was formed with the long-term goal of providing support for programmes and activities that contribute to the advancement of an increasingly healthy society. In line with this aim, in 2007 and 2008 the Foundation made substantial donations to the global charity Save the Children. This money provided the resources to treat 35,000 children with measles in Liberia and to help prevent others from contracting the disease. In addition to this, the Astellas Europe Foundation also supports Astellas employees in their private fundraising efforts for charitable causes.

Furthermore, as part of the Changing tomorrow programme, the Astellas Europe Changing tomorrow Award has also been launched. For 2008/2009, this award was given to Save the Children, which supported 52,000 people with the provision and distribution of essential health and hygiene supplies in the wake of Cyclone Nargis, which devastated Myanmar in May 2008.

In Ireland, the Astellas Changing Tomorrow Healthcare Awards, introduced in 2012, is an example of how Astellas is helping to recognise the achievements of Healthcare Professionals and to improve the care of their patients.