The Star Quality Principles

The STAR Qualities are the principles by which Astellas manage our business. They are practical behaviours that apply to all employees to help us to keep focused, to do our jobs better and to create a happy and constructive environment to work in. They are the values we all share and underpin every job and every relationship in Astellas.

Here are the definitions of the STAR Quality Principles

Success Driven

A passionate commitment to delivering results by:

  • Perservering until the end is achieved
  • Approaching problems as challenges
  • Taking initiatives and calculated risks
  • Tracking and measuring results

Team Oriented

Building upon the strengths of all by:

  • Working together to integrate different skills. Opinions, contributions and styles
  • Challenging each other in order to improve effectiveness and maximise performance
  • Openly supporting, encouraging and involving
  • Celebrating successes together


Anticipating and adjusting according to circumstances by:

  • Maintaining a healthy curiosity at all times
  • Being innovative, flexible and creative
  • Challenging the status quo and suggesting alternatives
  • Displaying an agility and willingness to embrace change


Encouraging and valuing the opinions and contributions of others by:

  • Using appropriate channels of communications
  • Seeking opinions and responding to diversity
  • Being open-minded and willing to change course
  • Being aware of the feelings, concerns and perspectives of others

Star Quality Principles

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